Introduction to the Blog

Greetings, reader. I'd like to introduce you to my blog for MGT 500 at Ball State University. Although this blog is a requirement of the class, I'm looking forward to putting my own thoughts about management practices into an organized format. I'm working on a Business Essentials Certificate from BSU's Miller College of Business and an MA in Executive Development for Public Service. A lot of what I write in this blog will center around my interest and experience with nonprofits. That being said, I'm also a mom of two toddlers (Ethan, born Oct. 2010 and Will, born July 2012). I'm married to my best friend, whom I met at freshmen orientation at Ball State in 2003. Neither of us are Muncie natives, but this is now our home. I'm extremely involved in the community, and have developed a real passion for my adopted hometown.  I expect these things to influence my musings on management and reflections on the required readings.

I have a tendency toward verbosity, but will do my best to curtail that because of the blogging format. No one like a long-winded blogger!



family picture

Ryan, Will, Ethan and Kristen Bitzegaio at Ball State University, Fall 2012 Photo by Adrienne Leigh Photography