The Other Side of Fear

When you dream about your future, what does it look like? Are you envisioning a tangible reality or a fantasy that would've only been possible if you'd won that billion and a half dollar lotto? Do you think about your life in five years or twenty? I've always been one to just prepare in the present for the best possible future. I don't think I can anticipate what life will look like in a year, let alone a few decades from now. But for the past several years, I've had a very clear idea of what my retirement would look like. I'd be a consultant. I'd work with organizations that are doing good things, and just need a boost to get to great. I'd do a little bit of everything, and every day would be different. I'd be able to help my community, which is always a part of my dream. Consulting has been my "someday" job, that thing I've been shooting for if I could do anything.

Except that recently I decided, why wait for someday? Why not today? The answer, for me, was that fear was the only thing stopping me. Fear that I would go from a secure position where I was making a tangible difference to having to start all over -- and as a small business owner.

  Because life would be so boring if we let fear make our decisions, I've taken the plunge. Today is my last day as an executive director. I am now the owner of Eos Nonprofit Consulting. I've already secured a few clients, including the organization that I've resigned from. My goal is to work with organizations to identify small changes that can make big differences. I'll be doing a little bit of everything, including grant writing, marketing, board and leadership development, fundraising and program development.

It's big, and it's scary, but it's a dream come true. I'm looking forward to serving my community in a way I've never been able to before. And that's thrilling, and totally worth the risk.

In addition to the servicesI'm offering, I'll be blogging about the world of nonprofits weekly. I promise, most of my posts will not be all about me, as this one has been. My hope is to share some knowledge, spread some information, and start some interesting conversations.

I'll be sharing those posts and other interesting information on the Eos Nonprofit Consulting Facebook and Twitter pages. Come along on this journey with me!